Perplexity x Playground

Perplexity x Playground
Perplexity users can now generate images, powered by Playground

Playground is thrilled to announce that our latest model, Playground v2.5, is now a default image generation tool within Perplexity – the fastest and most accurate way to search the web. With this integration, Perplexity users can now generate original images on the fly to illustrate and enhance their searches.

Instead of sorting through generic and spammy SEO-optimized images in their searches, users get high-quality, customized artwork and graphics powered by Playground’s state-of-the-art image foundation model.


Generate images using Playground in Perplexity Pro

Perplexity and Playground both use AI innovations to reimagine how people learn, create, and explore their passions with better tools and experiences curated to users’ needs. This is Playground’s first integration within a search product, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how Perplexity’s users learn and explore with Playground’s images.  

This feature is available exclusively for all Perplexity Pro users today. To try it out, go to

For inquiries about Playground’s API program, please fill out this form.

About Perplexity

Perplexity is the fastest and most accurate way to search the web. With access to real-time data across the internet, Perplexity curates relevant sources (from academic research to Reddit threads) and creates answers far better than a list of sponsored and SEO-optimized links on a traditional search engine. Unlike other AI offerings, Perplexity must include in-line citations for every source it uses in the response. This means trusted answers and the ability to fact-check.